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Project Graduation is hosting the "Memory Lane" event on Friday, June 3rd following Baccalaureate when senior posters will be displayed around the WHS turf field.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for making a senior poster for their graduate and dropping it off at the WHS main office the second week of May.  Instructions for creating these posters are below.

We are also looking for the following to be displayed on the theme wall at Teamwork's Project Graduation!


  • Baby or Child AND Senior Picture should be vertical 5x7 COPIES of your child as a baby or young child AND a current photo. The committee will mount them in a "guess who" format. Please write your child's name on the back of each photo. These will NOT be returned.  These will be due the last week of April

  • Group shots should be 8x10, 5x7, or 4x6 COPIES of group shots (class, sports teams, activities, prom, casual events, vacations, school trips, Going Buggy, Moving On etc.). Color copies can be done at Curry Printing or Staples. These will NOT be returned.  These will be due the last week of April




Option 1: Make a Basic Hard Copy Photo Collage


  • Print the pictures of your senior (maybe with family/friends) at CVS or Walmart

  • Stick the photos to a poster board with tape or glue to make a collage

  • Bring finished collage to Curry or Staples to be laminated (no grommets)

  • Memory Lane committee will adhere plastic corner pieces to your poster for hanging

  • Drop off in the bin at the WHS main office


Option 2: Make a Photo Collage Electronically


  • Visit

  • Click on blue box in upper right corner that says “Create a Design”

  • Select “Start from Scratch”

  • Click on “Custom Dimensions” icon (1st row/far left)

  • Enter dimensions 28”w x 22”h then Select “IN” from drop down menu

  • Click blue “Create” box

  • On the “Select a type of background” click on “Solid colors” box icon

  • Pick a color from the palette then Click “Apply”

  • Upload your photos & text can be added here (please include student’s name)

  • When done formatting, select the yellow “Download” box in upper right corner

  • Select a hi-res image for $7.99

  • Visit and scroll down to find the 28” x 22” banner size  

  • Send this hi-res image to Curry Printing to print a vinyl banner with grommets   

  • Drop off in the bin at the WHS main office


The original message with all of this information from 2021 can be viewed here.  Please email any questions to:

Memory Lane

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