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The success of Project Graduation relies on parent, guardian and community participation. Please check out our Volunteer page for ways to help out.  

We will have a list of items we are looking for to create the decorations for Project Graduation 2023.  Our committee takes what you donate and transforms Teamworks into a fabulous event.  Please check back for our Amazon Wish List. 


Donations can be dropped off in the bin at 3 Westminster Way or contact us and we can make other arrangements.  

We Are Looking For . . . .

  • Gift Cards to buy supplies:  Dollar Store, Amazon, Lowes

  • Cardboard Boxes – Large and Extra Large (ie: TV, Bike, Appliance) - all flat smooth cardboard

  • Foam Core 24x36 sheets – Black, white, red and yellow (cheapest to get at Dollar Store, Walmart, Ocean State) need as much as we can get

  • Poster Board 24x36 or larger – White, Black, Red and Yellow

  • Wrapping Paper - bright colors especially dots and stripes

  • Brown paper bags or kraft paper - can be crumpled

  • Rolls of Raffle Tickets

  • Ribbon - any kind

  • Paper cups, bowls and plates (used to hold paint)

  • Paint Can Openers

  • Wooden Paint Sticks/Stir

  • 2 Staplers - Boxes of staples

  • Scissors - any kind, especially decorative

  • Poster Markers – Black, Red, Navy Blue

  • Brightly colored fabric (especially red, gold and yellow) – any kind

  • Lace

  • Trim (ie: upholstery, sewing trim)

  • Popcorn boxes

  • Galvanized Steel buckets 16 inches tall or larger – doesn’t matter the state


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