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The success of Project Graduation relies on parent, guardian and community participation. Please check out our Volunteer page for ways to help out.  

We have a list of items we are looking for to create the decorations for Project Graduation 2024.  Our committee takes what you donate and transforms Teamworks into a fabulous event.  Please see our Amazon Wish List for this years supplies. 


Donations can be dropped off in the bin at 3 Westminster Way or contact us and we can make other arrangements.  

We Are Looking For . . . .

  • Gift Cards to purchase supplies:  Lowes, Dollar Store, Walmart, Amazon

  • Cardboard boxes – Large and Xtra Large (appliance size)

  • Flat Cardboard

  • Rope and Twine – any thickness

  • Hoola Hoops – any size

  • International Maps – doesn’t matter state/condition

  • Old wooden frames 20x28 or larger

  • Old art canvas – can be painted on – old art work

  • Fake Trees, plants, foliage any kind and size

  • Wooden boxes and container (size of wine box and larger)

  • Working electric hand saw

  • Sharp manual saw

  • Scrap wood – medium and large size – boards – odd shapes but not too heavy

  • Ribbon, Yarn, String, Twine and Fabric in the following colors: Green, Blue, Brown, Cream, Yellow, Red, Gold, Silver, Purple, Pink, Orange

  • Animal Print fabric and ribbon

  • Crafting wire

  • Branches and Sticks at least 3 ft long and 2 inches thick – bigger the better (but must fit into a van for transport)

  • Paint Can Openers

  • Wooden Paint Sticks/Stir

  • 2 Staplers and boxes of staples

  • Foam Core – White, Black, Green, Yellow

  • Poster Board 22x28 or larger – White, Green, Yellow

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