The success of Project Graduation relies on parent, guardian and community participation. Please check out our Volunteer page for ways to help out.  

We have a list of items we are looking for to create the decorations for Project Graduation 2022.  Our committee takes what you donate and transforms Teamworks into a fabulous event.  Please look at the list below or check out our Amazon Wish List


Donations can be dropped off in the bin at 3 Westminster Way or contact us and we can make other arrangements.  

We Are Looking For . . . .

  • Solid color one-man tents – older the better – okay if cannot be assembled completely or if it is missing supports.

  • Tape: Masking, Duct, Packing, Scotch, painters (1 and 2 inch)

  • Solid Colored Fabric - all colors

  • Jumbo Cotton Balls

  • Empty Wine boxes/cased (the size that hold 12 bottles)

  • Cardboard Boxes – Large and Extra Large (ie: TV, Bike, Appliance)

  • Tree Limbs 4 to 6 feet long with lots of branches coming off the top – look like mini trees – base about 5 to 7 inch diameter – If you loose any large branches (especially before they start to bud) we can use them